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GN Book Fairs

Book fairs are a fun and profitable way to raise money for your PTA, Friends of the Library or other school programs. Golden Notebook book fairs  provide educators, students and families with the opportunity to focus on purchasing books that introduce them to new worlds and ideas without media-linked toys, videos and paraphernalia.  

The Golden Notebook is an independent bookstore in Woodstock, NY. We partner with public and independent schools and other non-profits to produce successful, creative book fairs. Book sales tend to increase when parents are aware that a locally owned, independent bookseller is providing books for your fair rather than a huge corporation. Shop local!

Why hold a book fair?

  • Raise funds for your school in a manner consistent with its educational mission
  • Promote literacy
  • Enrich classroom and library book collections
  • Enrich student’s experience of literacy by meeting and discussing books with authors

In School or In-Store Book Fairs Are Available

What does the Golden Notebook Provide for an In-School Book Fair?

  • 20% of net sales (before taxes) goes directly to the school in cash or credit for books
  • Coordinate with school librarian, teachers, and parent volunteers to tailor the fair’s inventory specifically for your school’s needs
  • Coordinate with school librarian and teachers to arrange for authors events at school during the book fair week
  • Coordinate with school librarian and teachers to post selected inventory to during the book fair week to promote on-line sales to parents or relatives who can not make it to the school book fair
  • Transport books to and from school
  • Design flyers advertising the event
  • Design teacher and student wish lists
  • Assist in set-up and break-down of book fair
  • Staff person on site 90% of time to manage sales. Golden Notebook will train parent volunteers to collect sales as needed.
  • Staff available to manage book sales for special evening events during the book fair week
  • All accounting for the book fair

What Does Your School Provide for an In-School Book Fair?

  • Central location for book fair
  • Promote book fair to school community week prior to scheduled event
  • Large tables for displaying books
  • Parent volunteers to help set-up and breakdown book fair
  • Parent volunteer(s) to assist with sales on a daily basis

In-Store Book Fair

  • Takes place at The Golden Notebook, 29 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY
  • Weeknight(s) 6-9pm  or Weekday(s) 10-12am with an in-store class visit
  • 20% of all sales before taxes on all children’s, and young adult books goes directly to the school in cash or credit for books