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Why shop at The Golden Notebook?

Whether you want to pick up real books in a real live bookstore, have books delivered to your city apt or POB in the country, or get e-books e-delivered to wherever you e-live, you can shop the Golden Notebook online. To begin, start browsing using the search bar at the top of your screen. You can also take a look at our staff picks for some ideas.

Kobo eBooks Explained

eBooks are available using Kobo, which lets you read on your Kobo, or use the Kobo app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. We do not sell books for Kindles. We are partnered with Kobo and sell their excellent eReader. When you buy an eBook through Kobo and the Golden Notebook you are purchasing a file that is stored "in the cloud." For information on how to set up a Kobo account, click here.


When shopping online, you can always opt for free in-store pick-up; your order will be waiting for you under your name behind the register.  We will mail out books from our shelves immediately which typically arrive in two business days.  Books shipping from warehouses may take two to four days to arrive.