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Consignment & Author Events


Due to the large amount of books our small staff has to deal with we are very limited with what we can offer authors for consignment.

If you are a local author or if your book deals with local subject matter, we will definitely consider it.

The best way for us to place your book is for you to leave one with us along with your name and contact information (email and phone number). In lieu of charging a "shelving fee" we can put out your book. If it sells, we may contact you to purchase another at standard 60%-40% terms.

Please note: Due to the large amount of books our small staff sells, we cannot promise to reach out to you with any updates on your book and can only promise to do our best to contact you if your book sells.

Also, after six months in our store, your book may be recycled or donated. This is why we ask that your intial book is passed along to us for no charge in lieu of a "shelving fee."

The Golden Notebook is happy to support all writers and their endeavors. But please keep in mind we are a small store and can only do our best.



PLEASE NOTE: Our calendar is currently full through May 2024 and we are paused on programming new events for summer 2024 and beyond. We'll do our best to accommodate your book and hope to celebrate with you at the earliest, but thank you for your patience as we sort through some logistics in the meantime.


A good way to know if your book would be right for an author event is to attend one of our many upcoming events! This will give you a chance to see our space and how our events tend to run. If you cannot make it to an in-person event, stay tuned to our Instagram and YouTube accounts where we will be archiving some past events. We also run a monthly reading series with several authors presenting excerpts of their work and encourage you to participate in one of those whether or not your book is a new release!

Please read this Event FAQ carefully before pitching us on your event:

  • What kind of event is right for me? If your book is being published by a major publisher and/or you have a known draw, we would be happy to discuss a standalone author event. If you're a local author or have a book out from a smaller/indie press or are self-published, you might be a great fit for our monthly "Tinker Street Social" reading series, featuring 3-5 authors all reading for ~10 minutes a piece.
  • What kind of publicity does the store do to promote events? We will create a branded social media asset and we'll have posters up at our store. We may also put your book in our window and highlight the event in our monthly newsletter, pending availability.
  • How many people will show up? Attendance can vary depending on weather, the time of year, how crowded (or not) the town is that weekend... We encourage you to invite your friends and family -- a crowd always draws a crowd!
  • How does the store handle selling books at the event? If you are published by a larger traditional publisher, we will discuss ordering with your publisher. If you're published by a smaller traditional publisher, we'll need to check terms and availability before committing to an order. If you're self-published or published 'on-demand' then you will need to provide books yourself.
    • Please note: we recommend that you bring additional books to your event if you have them, just in case. We order on a very conservative basis because we are charged for shipping and penalized for returns.
  • Where are events held? We hold most of our events at Graveside Variety (33 Rock City Road) or, during the warmer months, at our pop-up store at Nancy's Artisanal Creamery (297 Tinker Street, at the Bearsville Theater Complex) and find that both fit up to about 50 people. If you know that your event will draw a larger crowd, please let us know in your initial outreach and we can look into an alternate venue in town.


After you've digested the above and are ready to pitch us, please write to and let us know the answers to the following questions:

  • Are you local to the Woodstock area, or the wider Hudson Valley/Catskills area? Or are you a touring author / visiting? (Not a deal-breaker in either respect, just helpful for us to know!)
  • Is your book self-published or traditionally published? If the latter, we recommend that you have your publicist contact us.
  • When are you looking to have the event? We book several months in advance, so take that into consideration when offering potential windows of time.
  • Do you need a PowerPoint or amplification or are there any other technical factors to consider?