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Woodstock Open House 2019

Author Will Nixon will present his newly revised edition of The Pocket Guide to Woodstock at the Golden Notebook as part of the Woodstock holiday open house on Friday evening, December 6th. This popular guidebook leads readers on a walking tour of the historic village, sends them out to local nature preserves, recounts the history of the arts colony, and recalls the remarkable casts of artists, musicians and independent characters who've made the town legendary. The previous edition of The Pocket Guide to Woodstock, published in 2012, was the Golden Notebook's #1 paperback bestseller for the year.


The event will also celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bushwhack Books which has now published ten books. What began as a whimsical idea by Michael Perkins and Will Nixon over wine and cheese at a poetry gathering to walk across Woodstock together grew into a “Walking Woodstock” column for the Woodstock Times that grew into a series of books. Walking Woodstock: Journeys into the Wild Heart of America’s Most Famous Small Town by Michael Perkins and Will Nixon published in December 2009 rapidly became the Golden Notebook’s #1 paperback bestseller for the year and remains popular. In 2018 the Woodstock Land Conservancy honored the authors with its William R. Ginsberg Stewardship Award.