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Welcome to The Little Golden Notebook

The Golden Notebook Bookstore Opens Second Floor Children’s Store: “The Little Golden Notebook”

The 40-year-old Golden Notebook Bookstore in Woodstock NY is proud to announce the opening of a new magical space, a store within our store, just for kids: The Little Golden Notebook.

At the top of the stairs children will find a gate that opens to a secret garden, a celebration of childhood dreams. They can search for picture books on their own, sit down and read, or share them with friends, beneath a canopy of the moon, stars and Overlook Mountain out the window and across the second floor. The gorgeous natural scenery was the brainchild of Hudson Valley artist (and illustrator of Thorneater Comics) Will Lytle. His imaginative mural of the variety of local wildlife has been given a second home on the walls of our store. A visitor to our upstairs can enjoy and count the natural wonders on display, thanks to Will.

An independent bookstore can and should be a community collaboration. We did not have to look far to find local talent for our vision of the new children's space. Myoshin and Kevin O'Brien of the renowned Kevin O'Brien studio generously offered their services with the interior design of the space. Every enchanting color, fabric and piece of carpet were personally selected by them to bring the previously empty space to life. 

Another local talent we engaged to share our vision of the space was Scott Risdal of Risdal Homes. Scott patiently followed our ideas as he developed and built the beautiful woodcraft of the shelves and banquets. He even managed to straighten some of the uneven lines of our uniquely Woodstock building. But have no fear, we maintained a few of those crooked lines we love. They're part of The Golden Notebook's history, after all. 

Dennis O'Clair and his team at Joyous Home Handyman rolled with everything we asked: painting, carpet laying, bookshelf hanging, more painting and even crystal ball polishing. Finishing work never seems to be finished; we’re sure to see more of him putting in final, final touches.

In 2010 when The Golden Notebook almost closed, the building which housed the specialty children's store, The Golden Bough, was sold in a separate sale. Gaela Pearson was the manager and creator of that space, and we are eternally grateful and beyond fortunate that she has remained as our children's buyer and so much more since then. The Little Golden Notebook is most capably stocked with 40 years of her valuable book buying experience. 

We could accomplish none of this without our dedicated booksellers: Christopher Bottomley, Jamie Keller and Gretchen Primack, who are always on hand to help you select the just right book! We also appreciate the hard work of box-buster and hauler Cole McMenemy. And of course the best bookstore dogs Delta and Neville.

Finally, we wish to thank our families and friends for their encouragement, support, advice and garage storage space. We believe we have come through the challenging past year with something bright, shiny, new and improved, so please come celebrate with us our new store-within our store at 29 Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY: The Little Golden Notebook! (845) 679-8000


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