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This Weekend at the Golden Notebook

Woodstock Poetry Society Featuring Dante Kanter and Otis Kidwell Burger

Otis Kidwell Burger - Writer and artist Otis Kidwell Burger was born in 1923 in Staten Island, NY, and has lived in Greenwich Village since 1932. She graduated from Cornell University and married Knox Breckenridge Burger in 1946; they had two daughters, Neall and Katherine.

Her published work includes: An Interesting Condition, a novel; The String That Went Up, a children’s book; poetry in The New Yorker, Good Housekeeping, and Gourmet Magazine; science fiction in Galaxy and Astounding magazines. She’s written book reviews for The New York Times, Book of the Month Club, The Village Voice, and Kirkus Services, as well as articles in the Villager. She will be reading from her recent book, Cats, Love, & Other Surprises. Most of the poems in the book were written in the last two years.

Dante Kanter is busy with finals week at college and will be unable to join us. In his absence, a small selection of his work will be presented by his father Mark Kanter and his friends Carey Harrison and Phillip X Levine.

Dante Kanter - Dante Kanter was born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. He has attended the Iowa Young Writers Studio and garnered recognition from the Scholastic Young Art & Writing Awards. He has been published by The Battering Ram, Chronogram, and the Woodstock Times. His chapbook, Lady and Me, was released this April.

Event Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 2:00pm


Mike Topp and Sparrow, "The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice Mystery"

Mike Topp and Sparrow, two masters of the American minimalist poem*, have improbably collaborated on a novel, The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice Mystery. Set in New York City, Florida, and the far reaches of the cosmos, the book recounts the adventures of Peg Sluice and Beckett, a 21st-century Nick and Nora, on the trail of an elusive hatbox which grants its possessors superhuman powers. Just when success looks imminent, Peg and Beckett encounter an intractable, elite villain, Red Soapy. Laden with incisive wit, intrigue, social commentary, erotic surprises, and a character named God, The Double Dream of Spring makes excellent summer reading, especially in the winter. “It’s like a stoner comedy with crabcakes instead of weed,” observes noted literary critic Emilio Xing-Goldberg.

Heretofore available only as an ebook, a limited print edition with a stunning cover by artist Miranda July is now available. The authors will read from the novel at the Golden Notebook in Woodstock, New York, on Sunday, December 10, at 4 P.M., and also sign copies.

*Some examples of their poetry:

True Story

I’m reading the comic book

based on the movie

based on the comic book




Covert Symphony

While no one is watching,

I write my covert symphony.



Assignment No. 63






of this




Disorders In Which Laughter May Be a Symptom

Manganese poisoning

Wilson disease

Some types of epilepsy

Alzheimer's disease

Pick disease

Rett disorder

Angleman disorder

Williams disorder

Some types of schizophrenia

Lou Gehrig's disease

-Mike Topp


The Salesman & the Farmer

A young salesman’s car broke down on a lonely road late at night in the middle of nowhere. He walked to the nearest farmhouse and asked if he could stay the nite. “No,” said the farmer and then burst into flames and became part of the early morning light.

-Mike Topp


Divine Love

God rains his love down on us every day. But we don’t feel that love, because our ego is like a giant umbrella that we hold over our heads. We need to put that umbrella away in the ego’s umbrella stand—then we will feel God’s love. Ego’s umbrella stand in birch or mahogany: $7,500.

-Mike Topp


Event Date: Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 4:00pm