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What If?: My Story of Believing God for More... Always More (Hardcover)

What If?: My Story of Believing God for More... Always More Cover Image
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Find a need... We need great stories to inspire us, and this is certainly one of them. From crusade tents to "Johnny Cash and The World's Biggest Sunday School" to 400,000 at an evangelistic event in Bangalore, India, to Dream Centers being established all over the world, Tommy Barnett has seen God do amazing things. Tommy's God-given passion is to find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it. In this book, he looks back over a lifetime of walking with God, being directed by the Spirit, and boldly taking risks to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along the way, he has built great churches and organizations to meet the crushing needs of broken people and restore those who have strayed far from God. Every moment of every day, Tommy has always been ready to share the love of Jesus. This is his amazing story.

About the Author

Tommy Barnett is the Senior Pastor-of Phoenix First Assembly of God, in Phoenix, Arizona, a soulwinning church-committed to reaching the city for God. Phoenix First Assembly, with an average weekly attendance of over 14,000, has been listed as one of the three largest churches in America, and is known as "The Church with A Heart" because it operates 202 outreach ministries. On many occasions, attendance at special services has soared to as many as 25,0001 Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, 1996, in multiple services, the church reached over 150,000. The Church moved into a multi-million dollar complex in 1985, occupying 75 acres on Shadow Mountain. The first building completed was the 6,500-seat auditorium, one of the largest sanctuaries in America. In recent years, three additional buildings have been completed - administration, education, and gymnasium. Phoenix First Assembly is noted nationwide for several outstanding assets introduced by Pastor Barnett: Spectacular events at Easter. Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A great soulwinning Bus Ministry. gained soulwinners. Strong discipleship training. Hundreds of lay people overseeing the follow-up and care of attendees, visitors, and new converts. These assets have contributed to the impressive growth of First Assembly under Pastor Barnett's leadership. When the Church called him as pastor in December 1979, the average attendance was 250. Attendance continued to spiral upward, spurred by these major events. In 1981, and again in 1982, the magnificent Singing Christmas Tree services at Phoenix Symphony Hall brought turn-away crowds to the 3,000-seat Hall, In 1982, more than 18,000 attended Easter services and the giant Independence Day rally moved to a city stadium. The 1983 Easter services broke all records for the denomination, attracting 25,000; the Living Mag on July 4th filled the stadium with 15,000 spectators; and the Thanksgiving Dinner was the largest in the city, serving almost 12.000. Breaking records again - Easter, 1989, saw crowds of 100.000 in one weekend. This included four Celebration of Easter musical drama productions at the new large church auditorium as well as the 14 outdoor children's rallies that were held all over the city. Celebration of Easter presentations are repeated 12 times throughout Easter Week. A total attendance of 150,000 people are now a part of that phenomenal week at Phoenix First Assembly. The Christmas production attracts over 100,000 in one week. The Bus Ministry was born in 1980 with five buses. In 1981, a nationwide poll of all denominations named Phoenix First Assembly with the fastest growing Bus Ministry in America. Serving more than 4,000 riders a week in 1996, our fleet of buses includes nine wheelchair vehicles.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781642960136
ISBN-10: 1642960136
Publisher: ARC Resources
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English