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Teach Someone to Roller Skate - Even Yourself! (Paperback)

Teach Someone to Roller Skate - Even Yourself! Cover Image
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Marty Donnellan has worked as a professional roller skating coach at rinks around Atlanta, GA, USA. She has taught scores of people the art of indoor skating, and many others how to improve their skating. "Teach Someone to Roller Skate - Including Yourself " is a complete curriculum for a four- to six-week beginning indoor roller skating course for all ages. Most of the illustrations picture students on quad skates, but most of the basic positions, postures, and techniques described apply equally to quad skates, inline skates, and ice skates. Differences are noted in the text, such as the location of brakes. This book does NOT cover outdoor skating, where you must learn to negotiate hills. Marty has used the course with both individual skaters of all ages, and school PE groups. It makes a great gift for parents whose kids are approaching skating age. By studying Marty's clear text and engaging illustrations, you, too, can now teach someone to roller skate - including yourself or your child - with no professional instructor present. Or, you can build on existing skills. These are the same skills taught to beginning ice skating students. And, with the exception of navigating hills, all of the skills taught are transferable to beginning inline skating. Below are some of the topics covered: Styles of skates and skating Beginning skating positions and postures How to keep from falling How to rise from a fall How to build up speed Four ways to stop Avoiding common bad habits Working with older adults Working with preschoolers Gliding on one foot Introduction to Edges How to carve, pump, swizzle & scissor How to do crossovers Beginning backwards skating Beginning intermediate skills such as the Mohawk turn and two-footed spin Exercises to practice on and off skates Complete checklist of beginning skills Troubleshooting pain while skating Coloring pages for young skaters ...And more So get your skates on and get started with Coach Marty.

About the Author

Marty Donnellan is a lifelong resident of Atlanta, GA, USA. She is a writer, doll maker, skater and skating teacher, grain growing enthusiast and founder/director of Joy Community Kitchen, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit food charity. She is the author of nine books - four set in the fictional world of frendibles, two "how-to" manuals, and three murder mysteries.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780979198250
ISBN-10: 0979198259
Publisher: Pine Cone Press
Publication Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 106
Language: English