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Author Event and Consignment Information


First of all, we ask you to attend one of our store’s many events. You can go to the calendar link on our website ( and choose from a wide variety of events and times. This way you can see the event space, how authors interact in the space and come up with your ideas for how you would like your event to go. Also, it’s always good to support other local authors!

Once you have attended an event, please carefully read over the following to see whether your event is a good fit for our store:

• Are you or your book local to the Woodstock, Ulster County, Hudson Valley area? If so this will give you an advantage for some social media, word-of-mouth and perhaps some local press to help promote your event.

• Do you have friends and family who will be attending the event? If so that’s a big plus for insuring a good way to celebrate your book. Attendance at book events is completely unpredictable (weather, time of year, town too crowded, town not crowded—all affect events). By creating your own kind of party atmosphere, you can be confident of having a good time.

• Do you have a connection to a fellow author to include in your event? We find that a couple of authors, even more for poets, can provide an even better experience. It can give you both the chance to interview each other, take turns reading and increase your potential attendance.

• If you are being published by one of the large publishing houses (Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Harper Row, Norton) or a publisher that is part of a large group of imprints/publishers, we recommend that you have the author publicist contact us to start the ball rolling regarding an event.



• If you are published by one of the large publishing houses (see list above) we can discuss ordering books for your event. 

• If you are published by a smaller house we can check on terms and availability to make a decision on our ability to provide books.

• If you are self-published or published “on-demand” you will need to provide books yourself.

• Once we decide on doing an event we will have to discuss the number of books to have available for sale. If we are ordering books we will try to come up with a realistic quantity to have on hand. We’d recommend you potentially having extra books that we could sell for you as we have to order on a very conservative basis because we are charged for shipping and sometimes penalized in discount on returns.

• The easiest system is for the author/publisher to provide the books. We can also offer better terms for the selling of these books that you or your publisher provide. 

• We will definitely make a joint decision with you on the amount of books to have on hand, and we will need to decide that three to four weeks before your event. Should things change closer to your event and you feel we need to up the total of books on hand we can discuss and most likely arrange to get more.



Having attended one of our events and read the above, please reach out to us at and we can set up your event at The Golden Notebook.

Also if you have any questions that weren’t covered above, please do not hesitate to email us.

Once your event is set up, what our store does for your event:

• Your event will be listed on our website It’s necessary for you or your publicist/publisher to provide us electronic press releases and hi-res artwork (book jacket and author photo). 

• We will send out an email blast the week of the event: This Week at The Golden Notebook.

• We will promote your event on our social media the week of your event.

• Depending on the month, we will include you in our “this month at the golden notebook” and our store newsletter. Please note we do not do this at all times of year.

• We will put your book in our window the week of your event.

• We will put your event on our sidewalk sandwich sign the day of your event.

• We will send out a press release to The Woodstock Times (please remember, depending on the news cycle they will write up your reading or not, we do not have control of that).

• And of course we will let everyone know about your event via word-of-mouth!

• If you are a local author or have local connections we are happy to help set up a Facebook event page with you, or to share one you set up—please discuss this with us.



• We recommend you invite as many family/friends as possible--that way if an event is low on attendance you can still celebrate your book--and a good amount of people always draws a few extra people!

• If you need someone from our store to "introduce" you for the event please let us know in advance so we are properly staffed. We recommend bringing a friend or colleague to introduce you if that works. That person could also operate as someone to "interview" you should your type of event need that. We cannot always provide staff to be upstairs for your event.

• We will do a basic set up of table and chairs, but you should arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand in order to arrange anything for the event that makes you more comfortable. 

• If you have any needs to do a power point presentation, etc., please discuss this with us a good week in advance so we can see if we can accommodate this and iron out any technical difficulties. We also suggest you do a tech run a day before or the morning of your event

.• If you or your work has any direct local connection we suggest you get in touch with various local publications to potentially do a story on you to tie into the upcoming event (expect to give any publication a lot of lead time to consider something like this).

• Obviously any other promotions in print, online, or email lists that you have connections to are very helpful.



Stop in at least 15 minutes early to make sure the space is set up for what you need and to go over any totals of books we ordered or that you’re bringing, so we can be set to sell accordingly.

The best way to break down the actual event is to plan a 45 minute total time and break that into thirds. 15 minutes greeting, introducing and reading. 15 minutes questions and discussion (which can include more actual reading to follow up a line of discussion). 15 minutes signing books and talking one on one with people attending. The extra 15 minutes of a maximum hour length is there to give you more time talking one on one with friends, family or other new contacts.

Of course you can utilize the 45 minutes to one hour in whatever way is best for your event.

We ask that you try to leave the space in decent order, break down any extra display or presentation material and pick up any garbage.



If you have any questions or confusion of any of the above please discuss with us prior to going forward with booking an event. If not, we’ll presume you have read and understood all of our event terms and conditions. Thank you.



Due to the large amount of books our small staff has to deal with we are very limited with what we can offer authors for consignment.

If you are a local author or if your book deals with local subject matter we will definitely consider it.

The best way for us to place your book is for you to leave one with us with your name, phone and email information. In lieu of charging a "shelving fee" we can put out your book. If it sells we can contact you and purchase another at standard 60%-40% terms.

Please note: Due to the large amount of books our small staff deals with we cannot promise to reach out to you with any updates on your book and can only promise to do our best to contact you if your book sells.

Also, after six months in our store, your book may be recycled or donated. This is why we ask that your intial book is passed along to us for no charge in lieu of a "shelving fee."

The Golden Notebook is happy to support all writers and their endeavors. But please keep in mind we are a small store and can only do our best. 

If you are a local author or your book deals with local subject matter you might consider doing an event as a way to get your book into our store. See "How to have an author event at the Golden Notebook" above.